The Journey story began in 2012. On one side of the Nordic border, Erling Løken Andersen founded the digital marketing agency Omega Media in Norway. On the other side, in Sweden, Fredrik Viktorsson founded Raw Digital.

The two agencies both experienced exponential growth. Nine years later, the agencies merged to form the pan-nordic agency called Journey. 

Today, Journey consists of 50+ creative and driven marketers, developers and designers – on a mission to help our customers grow their business. 


Erling Løken Andersen launches Omega Media AS in Oslo. At the same time, Fredrik Viktorsson launches Raw Digital AB in Stockholm. 


Reaching 7.5 million NOK in revenue, Omega Media hires its first employee. 


Omega Media moves to new, larger offices in Rosenkrantz gate 15. 


Omega Media and Raw Digital join forces under the name Journey Group AB, with 100% owned subsidiaries Journey Agency Norway AS and Journey Agency Sweden AB. At the time of the merger, the company had a combined annual revenue of nearly 80 million SEK and 50 employees. 


The strategic decision is made to stock-list the company on Nordic Growth Market.